Paediatric Osteopathy

Osteopathy for Babies and Young Children in Henley on Thames

There are many reasons parents bring their children to see a paediatric osteopath, but generally it may be because their baby is unsettled, latching and feeding issues, head moulding and neck tension.

It could also be to correct muscle and joint issues that may have been caused during childbirth. Very often, the reason a baby may have a preference for breastfeeding on one side could be because they are finding it difficult to turn their head freely.

Osteopathy is a gentle and safe treatment for babies and they often will play happily with toys and interact with the osteopath and the parents during treatment.

Older children tend to have other musculoskeletal complaints caused by modern lifestyles. Having gentle paediatric osteopathy helps improve the mobility of the spine, stretch out the muscles and educates children and parents on how to stretch safely and effectively. Longer term, this will help build healthy bones, strong muscles and enhance joint mobility.

It's not all about the child however. New mums also need to look after themselves and osteopaths are trained to provide advice, treatment and exercises that are suitable for perinatal mums to start working on their health and fitness again.